About jackIT

jackIT (pron.: "ja-kit") is a Cheltenham based IT development company which operates as the vehicle for the freelance work of Jack Nicoll.

Jack has been working primarily in Google Adwords and has been a Google-Certified Adwords Professional since 2008. With increasing demand for a broader spectrum of services, jackIT now offers both website development and full website design and production.

Due to the broad spectrum of the services we now offer, jackIT is unique in that it can be your one stop shop for all IT needs, both online and in the office.

It's not only software and programming work either. jackIT are now looking at specialised hardware work, due to having experience working with computers and electronics for the past 10 years.

Our client base is constantly expanding, and we are always looking for exciting and unique challenges so we can provide our unique, bespoke service.

We remain a highly ambitious company and welcome enquires from like-minded businesses and individuals, who require work at any level.

About Me

Jack Nicoll

Bit odd writing about yourself...

I've been working with computers since a very young age, I was breaking them before I was 8, I was building them before I was 12. This keen interest meant that I self-taught so much of my IT knowledge.

I like to explore new things by jumping right in; when I first heard about Linux for example, I decided to install it onto my PC without hesitation. This was not a good idea, but although there were some hurdles, I got it working smoothly. This hands on approach means that now I can administrate any UNIX based system; not because I read about it, but because I did it. That has always been my modus operandi.

So exploring the internet came around the same way :- back when you paid for internet by the minute, I was always opening up HTML code and looking at how these fantastic sites looked the way they did. It's always been a passion, and will continue to be. I am always looking to improve my skills in any way I can.

Outside of the computing world, I have a few hobbies I am passionate about. The primary being flying. I obtained my PPL in 2007, and got my commercial licence, instrument rating, and multiengine rating in 2008. I became an instructor in 2009, and obtained a display authorisation in 2011. I now have over 1000 hours instruction, mostly in vintage biplanes.

If I'm not in the air doing silly things, I'm on the ground doing slightly less silly things. I own a motorbike, which is close to my heart, and I also enjoy snowboarding and wake-boarding, whenever I get time away to do either. All in all, as long as I'm going fast, I'm content.