A small selection of the work we do at jackIT:-

Website Design & Development

To protect the anonymity of some of our clients, we have posted a small selection of the work we have undertaken. If you would like to see more work, contact us directly.

Software Design

Online Window Quotation

window quoter

A custom window quotation site, built on a PHP backend with a MySQL database. The frontend allows users to choose size and styles and the software automatically calculates a price based on price matrix. The prices can be fixed, calculated or percentage increase/decreases. The software also allows quotations to be emailed both to the user and the website owners.

The system is modular and would allow any bespoke product to be priced up, with hooks to allow ecommerce as well.

Bespoke CMS Design

bespoke cms

Custom CMS applications can also be provided. This is a lightweight CMS which allows the user to modify all aspects of their site without breaking layout or functionality. Built from a PHP/SQLite backend, which allows easy portability & backup.

The CMS is themed for your website and full support is provided.

Advanced Excel & Database Software

custom excel

Creating custom Excel sheets with user input forms allows your staff to enter in data quickly and easily without fear of data being lost or modified incorrectly. Validations systems ensure the data is entered in the correct format to allow the data to be parsed or used in reports or other systems easily.

Hardware Repair & Customisation

IPhone 4S Screen Repair

iphone repair

We can do a variety of repairs on all makes and models. for iPhone, we provide Screen Replacement, LCD Repair, Battery Replacement, Speaker/Microphone issues, Poor Wifi Signal and any other issues you might experience.

We also repair Blackberry, Samsung & HTC phones as well, and we can also fix Blackberry Trackballs & Trackpads.

Please contact us so we can give you an accurate quote for your phone.

Datel Fightstick Sanwa Modification


An arcade fightstick is an expensive piece of equipment, usually reserved for hardcore gamers. The parts used are critical to it's "feel" and operation, with Sanwa Denshi being regarding as one the best manufacturers. Sticks using Sanwa parts can easily cost hundreds of pounds. Here is an example of one on Amazon .

A customer asked if we could create an arcade stick using top quality parts, but without the massive cost. We managed to build a full 10 button arcade fightstick, with Sanwa parts, for under £100 . It also has the unique ability of being PC, Xbox and PS3 compatible, allowing complete flexibilty.

We are happy to take on any custom fightstick work, whether that is buying new ones from us or upgrading existing sticks, send us a message with your stick and what functionality or upgrades you require, and we can come back with a price for you.

Custom Arcade Machine Manufacture


We create both 1 and 2 player arcade machines and cabinets. built using laser cut AutoCAD designs, and using only high quality Sanwa and Happ controls.

We sell these machines with a full 12 month warranty.

Xbox 360 Custom Case Modification & RRoD Fix


"Red Ring of Death" is a very common issue for the "fat" Xbox 360's. It is caused by a hardware error, which is usually down to a manufacturing issue which meant that a lot of consoles had thermal paste applied incorrectly, causing the main CPU chip to get hot.

The solution is to strip down and clean the xbox & remove the heatsink completely. Then, the chip is cleaned & high quality Thermal Compound is applied. Once this is done, we remove the existing heatsink clamp, and fit our own custom made fitting. This will provide cool, trouble free operation for years.

Xbox & console customisation is something which has became more popular in recent years. We can add LED lighting, new cooling systems, and clear or windowed cases.